The electric saw provides strength and endurance for demanding applications. Indoors, the high manoeuvrability in combination with the compact dimensions is also impressive.

The 15 kW COMPACTCUT 501 E electric floor cutter shows its advantages to the full, especially inside buildings. The electrically driven machine works emission-free and with low-vibration. The electric joint cutter relieves the burden on users and the environment and also protects the valuable cutting tool. The low-noise 400 volt drive spins saw blades up to 1,000 mm in size for maximum cutting depths of 420 mm in asphalt and concrete. The COMPACTCUT 501 E is mechanically identical to the COMPACTCUT 601 E, which includes a frequency converter.

With strength and endurance built in, the COMPACTCUT 501 E electric floor cutter has proven itself in demanding continuous use in asphalt and concrete cutting, making separating cuts, and in demolition work, especially when working indoors. With optional equipment, it can also be used to cut joints close to the wall. The important advantage for this machine for efficient indoor joint cutting is the high manoeuvrability combined with the compact dimensions of the electric joint cutter. The feed system of the COMPACTCUT 501 E is infinitely adjustable.

Are you looking for a powerful solution with an emission-free drive for joint cutting in buildings? Then take a closer look at the COMPACTCUT 501 E electric floor cutter:

COMPACTCUT 501E fugenschneider fugen schneiden Elektrofugenschneider
COMPACTCUT 501E fugenschneider fugen schneiden Elektrofugenschneider Rückseite
COMPACTCUT 501 601E fugenschneider fugen schneiden Elektrofugenschneider Bedienpult 2
COMPACTCUT 501 601E fugenschneider fugen schneiden Elektrofugenschneider Bedienpult 1
COMPACTCUT 501 601E_fugenschneider_fugen schneiden_Elektrofugenschneider_Tiefeneinstellung
Technical data
cutting depth
420 mm
cutting depth setting
electro hydraulic
saw blade Ø max.
1000 mm
arbor size
25.4 mm (6 x M8 - TK125)
drive motor
output power max.
15 kW / 400 V / 32 A
saw blade speed
1000 1/min
left/right cut
dimensions (L/W/H)
1500 / 795 / 1350 mm
369 kg
Further information
  • Particular compact design
  • Lowering and lifting of the saw blade is hydraulic and continuous. This prevents damage to the saw blade.
  • Clear and ergonomic design of controls.
  • Saw hood foldable at the front for overcuts
  • Patented flush-mounted sawing system with 31.50 inch wall-mounted cover (optional) and wall-mounted saw blade holder
  • The rear wheel sits outside the saw cut. This makes it easy to re-cut kerfs.
  • Left and right cut possible
  • The low centre of gravity and the exact distribution of the weight on the axles ensure stability and excellent straight-line cut
  • Adjustable continuous feed system with differential
  • Locking brake
  • Cut depth display
  • Stable dipstick in H-shape
  • Continuous saw blade shaft with V-belt drive
  • Saw blade excavation via low-maintenance rocker design

Optionally available with wall-flush hood:

  • Patented wall-flush saw system with 800 mm wall-sliding saw hood and wall-flush saw blade holder.
  • Wall-flush joint cutting according to the current machinery directive or C-norm guaranteed.
  • The machine is equipped with the required protective device according to DIN EN 13862.

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