Vehicle manufacturing

LISSMAC handling devices, and both heavy and bulky vehicle parts can be handled precisely with minimal effort from the cockpit to the front end to the plastic roof.

Furniture industry

Heavy furniture can be moved safely and easily by using our vacuum grippers. For instance, they are also suitable for the basic assembly of refrigerator doors.

Mechanical engineering

LISSMAC handling devices can guarantee both smooth and efficient work processes when removing and palletising, clamping onto machinery or fastening onto threads. Whether these be machine components, parts or assemblies.

Glass industry

Our vacuum grippers and motorised manipulators ensure both safe and flexible handling whenever handling heavy glass panes. This is ideal for installing window panes.


Our handling machines make working in metal processing more straightforward, more efficient, and safer. For example for when you feed semi-finished products into machines, process steel plates or wish to bend sheet metal.


Textile or fleece rolls weighing up to 100 kg can be picked up from the floor by using a combination of mandrel and external grippers, which are rotated vertically and are attached to the mandrel.


LISSMAC handling devices transport heavy packaging material to where it is required. Special load handling devices allow items to be positioned accurately.


Our products are suitable for a variety of applications in various industries, whether it be sand cores, castings or cheese racks.