DTS 700

The long-lasting solution for demanding professional users. The all-rounder for every construction site impresses with its latest technology and user-oriented construction.

State-of-the-art technology and a user-oriented design qualify the DTS diamond cutting saw 700 for the all-round saw for daily, demanding use. The site-specific and low-maintenance construction guarantees operational reliability and helps the machine retain its value. The stone saw uses 700 mm saw blades and cuts up to 270 mm deep. The maximum cutting length is 520 mm. The 5.5 kW 400 V motor achieves an optimal working speed of 1,400 rpm. Thanks to the direct drive, there are no V-belts and therefore no wear.

The diamond cutting saw is designed for tough use in building construction. When trimming masonry and sand-lime bricks the innovative sawing technology and the precision saw head ensure an accurate cutting path and low blade wear. An optimal water supply system ensures extremely efficient saw blade cooling and guarantees the immediate removal of the saw debris. The stone saw has an extremely stable and resilient frame, the three-point support delivers a safe, torsion-free stand.

The diamond saw makes daily work easier thanks to its user-friendly design and front located controls. The saw table with embossed scale is galvanized for a long service life. The table guides and castors are durable high-strength, low-wear steel. The front swivel castor enables an effortless, quick relocation of the stone saw on the construction site. The forklift lugs and lifting eyes speed up and simplify transport. The saw head can be easily moved to a safe transport position. LISSMAC knows what professional users need. The DTS 700 diamond cutting saw impresses with a wealth of practical details. Get to know this all-rounder better:

DTS700 Steintrennsäge Steinsäge mit Vorschub Nasssäge
DTS700 1000 Steintrennsäge Steinsäge mit Vorschub Nasssäge Heizstab
DTS700 1000 Steintrennsäge Steinsäge mit Vorschub Nasssäge Seitenanschlag
Technical data
DTS 700
cut depth
270 mm
cut length
520 mm
saw blade Ø (max.)
700 mm
arbor size
60 mm
motor output
5.5 kW/400 V
saw blade speed
1400 1/min
protection class
IP 55
table width
630 mm
dimensions (L/W/H)
1520/940/1430 mm
230 kg
Further information
  • Low-maintenance construction fit for the building site
  • Excellent stable value and operational reliability
  • Exacting table layout for precision stone cutting
  • Fixed, distortion-free three point stability
  • Stable and resilient frame
  • Galvanised sawing table with imprinted scale
  • Table guidance profile and rollers made of durable, high-strength steel
  • Low equipment costs due to precise table guidance
  • Perfect saw blade cooling and immediate removal of sawing debris with the optimum water feed system
  • Easy to use and operate due to flexible loading and control elements in front
  • Easy removal of the water pump (e.g. for cleaning or to avoid freezing)
  • Water bath removable from the rear
  • Saw head is easily positioned for safe transport
  • Ease of manhandling with the front swivel roller, forklift pick-up points and lifting eyes.
  • Direct drive (pancake motor) – no v-belts – no wear – direct power Transmission

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DTS 700 in action

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