Industry Solutions

We develop branch-specific solutions for our customers based on our decades of experience.


Laser job shops are often confronted with requirements that are different every day for the reworking of the produced parts. Various machining processes, such as deburring, rounding and high-quality surface finishing, as well as changing materials, such as steel, VA, Aluminium, galvanized or foil-coated material, require flexible and efficient grinding machines. LISSMAC offers products/solutions that are flexible and tailored to customer requirements in dry or wet machining processes with its SBM and STEELMASTER series.

Stainless steel processor

Machines are frequently used in the dry grinding process during stainless steel processing. Especially in the food industry and commercial kitchens, there are often very high edge quality requirements. The same also applies often in the off-shore branch. Intensive and uniform edge rounding can be achieved with LISSMAC grinding machines.

Steel Service Center

LISSMAC offers with its SBM series high performance, durable and reliable products for slag removal, deburring and edge rounding. In the harsh environment of a steel service centre, these are critical aspects. With the SBM, which machines on both sides, parts are machined in one pass from above and below. Turning the parts, which is especially a challenge with large and heavy workpieces, is omitted. The machines are thus also in the position to even out warpage or thickness tolerances. Depending on application, the SBM can be used as single machines or as machining lines.

Automotive suppliers

Design plays an outstanding role in automotive construction. With our STEELMASTER wet grinding machines, we generate high-quality finish, for example on entry sills or panels in dashboards.

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry often places the highest demands on edge machining. The high quality components are preferably manufactured of Aluminium or even Titanium. Manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world frequently rely on the highly developed LISSMAC wet grinding technology for the precision machining of these parts.

Plastic processing

For processing of plastics wide band grinding machines are preferably used, among other things for deburring, tolerance grinding (grinding to dimension), roughening or fine grinding. With our STEELMASTER series, we offer grinding machines that can be configured individually to your application.

Rubber Processing

In the rubber industry, wide belt grinding machines are used, among other things, for tolerance grinding (grinding to dimension), roughening for glueing and fine grinding (e.g., shoe industry). Our STEELMASTER series offers freely configurable grinding machines, which can be optimally tailored to your purpose of use.