ATS 400

High quality, low-maintenance and easy to handle for efficient continuous use. The transport-friendly stone saw is ideal for landscaping, paving and path construction.

The ATS 400 stone saw is highly flexible and resilient thanks to its intelligent technology and the first-class workmanship. Thanks to the clever use of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic, the diamond cutting saw is extremely light, robust and almost rust-free. The 350 mm large saw blade enables cutting depths up to 110 mm with an option of 400 mm. Saw blades up to 135 mm are possible. The saw is designed for maximum precision and durability with a stainless-steel table guide, rollers and guide rails as well as plastic plain bearings.

Landscaping as well as paving and path construction are the main fields of application of this table saw. Stable and resilient aluminium frames with and precise table supports result in perfectly fitting stone joints during paving work. The special LISSMAC water spray system guarantees optimal saw blade cooling and the immediate removal of the saw debris with minimal water consumption. The light plastic water tub is removable for cleaning and transport. The high-torque 2.2 kW / 3 PS electric motor with 230 V connection spins the diamond saw blade at an optimal 2,800 rpm. The adjustable saw head enables flexible adjustment of the cutting length. The narrow saw blade guard provides a good view of the saw cutting area. The standard wheelset simplifies moving around the building site as does the removable saw head and the foldable table feet.

The high-quality, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use stone saw ATS 400. See the advantages for yourself:

ATS400 Tischsäge Säge für Pflasterarbeiten Steinsäge Prismentisch
ATS400 Tischsäge Säge für Pflasterarbeiten Steinsäge Jolly Tisch
ATS400 Sägekopf
ATS400 Tischsäge Säge für Pflasterarbeiten Steinsäge Laser Wasserpumpe Transportsicherung
ATS400 Tischsäge Säge für Pflasterarbeiten Steinsäge Laserzerlegt
ATS400 Tischsäge Säge für Pflasterarbeiten Steinsäge Laser Wasserpumpe sichere Lage
ATS400 Tischsäge Säge für Pflasterarbeiten Steinsäge Laser
ATS400 Rollentisch+Anschlag
ATS400 Tischsäge Säge für Pflasterarbeiten Steinsäge
Technical data
ATS 400
cut depth series
110 mm
cut depth max.
135 mm
cut length
600 mm
saw blade Ø series
350 mm
saw blade Ø max.
400 mm
arbor size
25,4 mm
motor output
2,2 kW / 230 V
saw blade speed
2800 1/min
dimensions (L/W/H)
1140/620/1230 mm
73 kg
Further information
  • High quality low maintenance construction
  • Simple handling due to lightweight design
  • The LISSMAC guidance system, made of rust-free stainless steel rollers and stainless steel rails with plastic sliding bearings, is extremely long-lasting and guarantees precise saw table guidance
  • Stable and resilient aluminium frame with exact table design for precision stone cutting
  • Variable cutting lengths using an adjustable saw head
  • Good view of the saw cut by means of narrow saw blade guard
  • The special LISSMAC water spraying system guarantees optimum saw blade cooling and immediate removal of debris with very low water consumption
  • Bolting connections ensure simple replacement of individual machine parts
  • The light weight plastic water basin can be removed for cleaning and for transportation
  • Fast removal of the water pump via detachable plug-in connectors
  • Standard wheel set simplifies moving on the building site and loading in a vehicle.
  • Simple transport due to removable saw head and folding table legs
  • On/off switch with emergency stop function, user-friendly in a protected location
  • Aluminium table with integrated stop and easily legible, slanted scale

ATS 400 in action

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