Cutting performance and ease of use at the highest level. Smooth steering and electrohydraulic saw blade lifting enable fatigue-free maximum performance.

With its water-cooled, 55 kW / 74.8 HP Hatz 4-cylinder engine, the MULTICUT 905 diesel floor saw masters demanding tasks with a cutting depth of up to 515 mm. In the MULTICUT 905 SG variant, it has a gearbox with speeds of 950, 1,620 and 2,450 rpm, left / right rotation and neutral position as well as a flange spraying system. The MULTICUT 905 SGH version is also has a hydraulic suction interface. This results in a closed system that works particularly efficiently.

The diesel joint cutter is made for tough applications in road construction as well as for renovation, demolition and repair work. Its powerful, sensitively controllable hydrostatic drive is maintenance-free and ensures an even feed rate when cutting joints in asphalt and concrete, cutting fresh concrete and making separating cuts. The large specially sealed bearings on the saw blade shaft guarantee a long service life. In addition to the cutting performance, the ergonomics of the smooth-running diesel floor saw are outstanding. Thanks to the smooth stub axle steering, the floor saw can be moved and set up quickly and easily without physical strain. The feed lever is designed for one-handed operation. The lowering / lifting switch on both sides operates the convenient and blade-saving electrohydraulic saw blade lift.

Superior power, versatility, ergonomic operation and LISSMAC-typical longevity combine to form a powerful unit. Get to know the MULTICUT 905 better:

MULTICUT905 Dieselfugenschneider Aufsitzfugenscheider fugen schneiden Fugenschneider
MULTICUT905 Dieselfugenschneider Aufsitzfugenscheider fugen schneiden Fugenschneider Sitz Absaugung
MULTICUT905 Dieselfugenschneider Aufsitzfugenscheider fugen schneiden Fugenschneider Absaugung
Technical data
cutting depth max.
515 mm
cutting depth setting
electrohydr., stepless with depth gauge
saw blade Ø max.
1200 mm
arbor size
35 mm (6xM12 - TK 120 mm) - 25,4 mm optional
drive motor
HATZ diesel 4-cylinder
output power max.
55 kW / 74.8 hp
emission level
stage 5
traction drive forwards
hydrostatic stepless 0-50 m/min
traction drive reverse
hydrostatic stepless 0-25 m/min
saw blade speed
950 / 1620 / 2450 1/min
left/right cut
dimensions (L/W/H)
weight 905 SG
1130 kg
weight 905 SGH
1200 kg
Further information
  • Torsion resistant frame design with a low center of gravity
  • Long wheelbase distance for high lateral stability
  • The smooth hydraulic steering system allows for cutting corrections without physical strain, and for quick and easy set-up and/or moving of the floor saw
  • Quiet, water-cooled HATZ 4-Zylinder turbodiesel engine
  • 3 speed gear box
  • Large v-belt drive
  • Large saw blade shaft bearings with special seals for longer life span.
  • The air intake is on the operator‘s side, which means only clean air is taken in.
  • Drive via hydrostat guarantees a smooth and controlled operation of the machine
  • Low-maintenance chainless gear box
  • Multi functional feed lever incl. raising and lowering of the blade
  • Raising and lowering of the saw blade is controlled electro-hydraulically

Basic version MULTICUT 905 SG:
3 speed gear box - 950, 1650, 2450 1/min, Clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation and neutral position, flange spraying system

Basic version MULTICUT 905 SGH:
3 speed gear box - 950, 1650, 2450 1/min,clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation and neutral Position, spraying system, Hydraulic interface for suction unit: closed system – suction unit is directly driven by a hydraulic interface to the floor saw

MULTICUT 905 in action

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