Robust, high-performance electric floor saw - ideal for cutting work in buildings


  • Particular compact design 
  • Lowering and lifting of the saw blade is hydraulic and continuous. This prevents damage to the saw blade.
  • Clear and ergonomic design of controls.
  • Saw hood foldable at the front for overcuts
  • Patented flush-mounted sawing system with 800 mm wall-mounted cover (optional) and wall-mounted saw blade holder
  • The rear wheel sits outside the saw cut. This makes it easy to re-cut kerfs.
  • Left and right cut possible
  • The low centre of gravity and the exact distribution of the weight on the axles ensure stability and excellent straight-line cut
  • Adjustable continuous feed system with differential
  • Locking brake
  • Cut depth display
  • Stable dipstick in H-shape
  • Continuous saw blade shaft with V-belt drive
  • Saw blade excavation via low-maintenance rocker design
  • The frequency converter allows smooth adjustment of the cutting shaft speed. That allows the optimum speed to be adjusted for any saw blade diameter.
  • The smooth start of the electric motor limits the inrush current and reduces the load on the grid.

Technical data


cutting depth 420 mm
cutting depth setting electro hydraulic
saw blade Ø max. 1000 mm
saw blade holder 25.4 mm (6 x M8 - TK125)
drive motor electric
output power max. 22 kW / 400 V / 32 A
saw blade speed 850 1/min. - 1850 1/min.
dimensions (L/W/H) 1700 / 880 / 1320 mm
weight 374 kg
left/right cut yes


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