PB 120

Fast an precise positioning, palletizing, depalletizing and order picking. Flexible tooling up of Machine Tools, Presses and Machining Centres. Exact assembly of components in Production Lines.


  • highest productivity and reliability
  • ergonomic, user-friendly working without strain
  • individual adjustment to any kind of task
  • efficient and easy working
  • precise and delicate positioning
  • weightless, non-swinging handling of loads through automatic weight counterbalance
  • high hoisting and lowering speed
  • short cycle times
  • individual gripper systems for different handling goods
  • high ease of use
  • precise load-control directly on the goods being handled
  • hoisting/lowering function for absolutely load-free handling
  • high safety standard
  • available in upright or suspended version

Technical data

PB 120

Load-carrying capacity 90 kg (5 bar)
without load suspension devices 145 kg (6 bar)
Hoisting height 1200 mm
Working area, standard 4400 mm
Working area up to max. 5600 mm
Standard jib length 2200 mm
Jib length up to max. 2800 mm
Hoisting arm length 1263,5 mm
Design height of machine without pillar 670 mm
Design height OK hoisting device on pillar 3500 mm
Pillar height 2300 mm
Range of rotation, main axis, hoisting arm continuous
Pivot area axis folding arm 305 °C
Range of rotation, pivot joint 320 °C
Max. torque, axis 4250 Nm
Max. torque, axis 2250 Nm
Max. torque, axis 1000 Nm
Drive pneumatic
Hoisting speed 0-30 m/min.
Min. operating pressure 5 bar
Air consumption/max. stroke 32 NL
Noise level 78 dB (A)
Ambient temperature -15 - + 70 °C


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