SMD 123 RE

SMD 123 RE
As cost effective basic machines they offer top machining results in surface finish and sheet metal deburring. They are characterised by low tool costs, simple handling and also by their cost effective price-performance ratio and the resulting short amortisation time.


  • Versatile entry-level machine
  • Removal of burrs (laser/punching/plasma-cutting)
  • Two roatary wheels for consistent edge rounding and uniform surface finishing
  • Surface polish without complex set-up work
  • Suitable for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Suitable for parts with up-forms
  • Touch panel for intuitive operation
  • Individual aggregates can be operated independently of each other
  • Stepless grinding belt speed
  • Quick and easy tool change
  • Space efficient footprint

Technical data

SMD 123 RE

working width max. 950 mm (37.40 inch)
material thickness max. 1-50 mm (0.04-1.97 Inch)
voltage 400 V (50 Hz) / 480 V (60 Hz)
load 300 kg/rm
network structure 3~ PEN / 3~ PE+N
total power 41 A / 42 A
total current consumption 23 kW / 28.1 kW
insulation class IP 42
infinitely variable feed speed 0.4 m/min (1.31 ft/min)
adjustment of material thickness electric
adjustment of tools electric
weight 1750 kg (3858 lbs)
dimensions (W/D/H) 1600/1800/1950 mm
(63/71/77 inch)


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