Wall saws - LWSE 540

Lightweight, flexible and universally applicable


  • Safe and easy handling
  • Perfect straight cuts
  • Cutting depth adjustment
  • Less straining for the operator compared to handheld saws
  • Suitable for reinforced concrete and masonry
  • Wide accessory range

Guide rails

  • Extremely lightweight aluminium guide rail
  • Direct wall mounting with the help of two plugs M12
  • Robust design allows for apposite cuts
  • Carriage is fixed on the rail system
  • Integrated water level assures exact mounting
  • Slotted mounting ring assures rapid and exact adjustment

Sawing system

  • Patented mounting system of the sawing machine on the
  • Ensured safety even when stucking in the wall
  • Stitiching saw cuts are possible
  • Overload protection: thermal overload protection, friction clutch, PRCD (Portable Residual Current Device )

Flush cut saw

  • Aluminum saw blade guard
  • Brush can easily be exchanged
  • Complete flush guard kit comes as accessories kit

Technical data

LWSE 540

cutting depth max. 110/165/210 mm
saw blade Ø max. 350/450/540 mm
arbor size 30 mm
output power max. 2.2 kW, 230 V
saw blade speed 2700 1/min
weight saw head 14.6 kg
weight guide rails 1.3 m 6.6 kg
weight guide rails 2.3 m 9.9 kg


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