Prefabricated wooden house construction

Custom system solutions from a single source


The concept Allround – the 500 Series

The assembly table LWT 520 can be seen as a stable basis for the entry in an efficient production of modern prefabricated timber frame houses:

  • Assembly of wall-, roof and ceiling elements up to a height of 3,8m and up to a length of 12m, individual adaptations are possible.
  • Horizontal steel cross beams with a raster of elongated holes allowing free positioning of clamping units and integrated, customer-specific raster-Scale
  • Vertical steel cross beams with a certain distance according to the customer specific raster with a throughout groove and integrated measuring tape allowing free positioning of stop bolts, clamping units for ceiling beams and rafters as well as the auxiliary positioning for studs
  • Steel sub-frame optionally with height adjustable bed-plates (LWT 520), extended as a feeder table (LWT 530) or a receiving table (LWT 540), combined to a butterfly station, also with crosswise drives
  • extendable by additional pneumatic clamping units, gable

The concept Allround – the 600 Series

Build for the integration into production lines. Individual equipment based on the demand of the concept of your production line:

  • with 2- or 3-track reversible frame joint apron conveyors for the automated delivery of elements
  • automated adjustement in width by motor-driven synchronised driveshaft
  • pneumatic longitudinal pressing
  • front- und length-sided stop optionally fixed or pneumatically movable
  • Optionally pivotable and mobile
  • extendable as a cross conveyor for delivering wall elements from the production line into the wall stock

Lissmac framing station

Compact standing workstation for the fabrication of framing in a minimum of space.

  • program controlled via CAD/CAM
  • automated adjustment in width by motor-driven synchronised driveshaft
  • sliding carriage
  • half-automatic positioning of studs
  • full-automatic, face sided clamping grants a more reliable and clearly better fixation of the frame work than the conventional use of nails
  • upgradeable with a foil role and an auxiliary positioning for the first layer of panels
  • That means that you do not need a further assembly table for this first layer of panels
  • Not only that this saves a lot of money, as a result of this technology you are saving precious space of a total of 24m. In Words: twenty-four meters

Lissmac multifunction bridge

Program controlled, automatic positioning, nailing, clamping, screwing, milling and sawing of panels . The massive portal designed in a well optimized steel construction to avoid any vibrations offers a lot of space for your production line.

  • program controlled via CAD/CAM
  • prepared for the extension with 2 sliding carriages
  • for each sliding carriage 4 aggregates can be installed
  • equipment of the carriages on the demand of the concept either by units for clamping, drilling, milling, sawing or marking.
  • If needed, the portal can be lengthened to permit alternating processing of wall-, ceiling- and roof-elements over 2 or more assembly tables


Custom handling solutions throughout the production line.

  • Top rails with mobile cross beams
  • Flexible application of handling technology for positioning of panels, studs, window and door elements and other built-in parts along the production line


Control center technology
Optimum data handling ensures the best possible machine availability and productivity. LISSMAC offers a well-designed control console technology, customized to the needs of its customers. The ideal communication platform on the production line.

  • Capture and administration of CAD data (3D- geometric data, drawings and lists of materials)
  • Organisation of data base
  • Production control (Object Explorer, Nesting, NC Generator)
  • Visualization and monitoring of material
  • Capture of machine data
  • Statistic, Reporting

Consistently software for the control of framing station and mulitfunctionbridge
For the control of framing station and multifunctionbridge we apply a self developed, consistent software based on the development potential for the control of most varied special machinery.

  • Individually adaptable and expandable due to a modern XML Programming
  • Visualization and control of all components and processings
  • User-friendly handling by touchpanel

Project Engineering

Basic data for the calculation of any Lissmac-project are no tales, but have a deep foundation on technically feasible objects. Already in the tendering process we are dealing with faithful values and are acting openly. In agreement to the constructive demands of our customers we create a model house using a modern timber construction program. Below we are using the bill of quantities to calculate the capacity utilisation of production lines, material logistics and stockyard.

Training and Financing

Training for systems engineering and mounting
Even the best technology does not work without the assistance of skilled workers and vice versa. Together with partner companies we instruct your workers in systems engineering, assembling and mounting. We would be happy to develop the right training offering for your requirements.

Financing and logistic
On the basis of our experience as a global player we know well about financing and logistics. Whether as a general contractor or as a supplier. There is always a chance. Let`s discuss your requirements!

Building technology planning

With LISSMAC project management, we create the decisive basis for the successful start of your production. As a further component in our overall concept we can offer you the building technology planning of model houses by the medium of well-experienced carpenters and specialised engineers.

Development of constructive details
The very first and indeed very important step is the development of constructive details in consideration of the available materials, the systems engineering and the technical needs. The better your constructive details are prepared right from the beginning the better your hole system will run, without the need of permanent and cost-intensive rectification of defects.

Development of model houses
On the basis of the constructive details and in consideration of statically and structural-physically needs model houses according to the desires of the customer will be created. Again these model houses are the prospective basis for an independently work of your members of staff, for the further development of your products and above all for the success of your company.

Preparation of production plans and machine data
As a result of the development of model houses, production plans in terms of dimensioned, scaled drawings and cnc-machine data will be created.

Layout example – 40 houses

  • capacity approximately 40 houses/year
  • maximized flexibility according to the Architecture (no houses “off the shelf”)
  • automation required
  • every type of wall-, ceiling- and roof-element has to be produced on each assembly table
  • isolated application

  • LMT 530 Allround feeder table, mobile (Lissmac)
  • LMT 540 Allround receiving table, mobile (Lissmac)
  • multifunctionbridge with units for clamping and sawing
  • further transport via top crane

Layout example – 80 houses

  • capacity approximately 40-80 houses/year
  • maximized flexibility according to the Architecture (no houses “off the shelf”)
  • no assembly-automation needed
  • every type of wall-, ceiling- and roof-element has to be produced on each assembly table
  • existence of factory work room

  • Joinery machine K2 (Hundegger)
  • fully automated panel processing machine SPM 2 (Hundegger)
  • 3 LMT 520 Allround assembly tables (Lissmac) with top crane (existence) for the turn-over and sharing out of wall-, ceiling- and roof-elements to the stock (conveyor belt for ceiling- and roof-elements and vertical stock for wall-elements)
  • cross conveyor (Lissmac) for delivering wall elements from the production line into the wall stock and the plastering station
  • conveyor belts for transport and stock for ceiling- and roof-elements
  • vertical storing of walls
  • truck loading by top crane

Layout example – 250 houses

  • capacity approximately 250 houses/year
  • large scale production of model houses
  • high automation required
  • greenfield strategy

  • Joinery machine Speedcut (Hundegger)
  • automated panel processing (Meyer)
  • production line for wall-elements composed of a framing station, 5 assembly tables from the 600 Series and 2 multifunctionbridges each provided with one unit for clamping and one for milling (Lissmac)
  • Station for special constructions (and if necessary also for manual production of roof- and ceiling-elements) composed of a LMT 530 feeder table and a LMT 540 receiving table (Lissmac)
  • Two basic tabels of the 600 Series for the insertion of insulation and assembly of doors and windows.
  • Production line for roof- and ceiling-elements composed of 4 assembly tables of the 600 series and 1 multifunctionbridge, each provided with one unit for clamping and one for milling (Lissmac)
  • cross conveyor (Lissmac) for delivering wall elements from the production line into the wall stock and the plastering station
  • conveyor belts for transport and stock for ceiling- and roof-elements
  • vertical storing of walls (interim storage for drying of plaster and final storage)
  • truck loading by top crane