LWCH 100

  • Faster, safer and simpler working thanks to direct
    mounting of the wire saw on the cutting surface
  • The wire saw can be converted into a core drill rig by
    means of only 2 screws
  • The intuitive roller arrangement makes wire guidance
    into child‘s play.


· Hydraulic motor GR2
· 2 drive rolls Ø 280 mm
· Diverter rolls Ø 200 mm
· Wire fed from wire store hydraulically

Technical data

LWCH 100

wire storage 7.4 m
overall wire length 10.8 m
wire Ø, sintered 11 mm
wire Ø, galvanised 10 mm
dimensions (H/W/D) 920/810/1340 mm
weight without drill rig 66 kg
weight with drill rig CDR-2 96 kg


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