Conveyor Belts - LIBELT 600

Bulk materials and unit loads can be transported fast and efficiently using the LISSMAC conveyor belts. Whether on a construction site or in difficult terrain, the high-performance LIBELTS facilitate enormous cost savings.


  • Robust, extremely durable steel pipe construction
  • Reliable drive via powerful electrical motor with gear box
  • Easily handles gradients up to 40°
  • Short set-up times – can be easily and quickly installed by two people
  • Immediately operational after connection of the 230 volt supply
  • Up to three conveyor belts can be connected via one supply cable; integrated connection cables with automatic extension
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Belt can be easily and quickly changed by a single person  
  • PVC belt with ribs as standard equipment
  • V-guide for optimal intake of material to be transported
  • Libelt 600 can be easily folded up for transport
  • Multiple forklift brackets facilitate fast, convenient transport of the belts

Examples of applications:
Transport of construction materials, demolition work, building renovation, gardening and landscaping work, tunnel and sewer work, mining, excavation, industrial and agricultural transport of bulk materials

Technische Specificaties


length 5640 (work position)mm
width 555 mm
height 260 mm
weight 119 kg
material galvanized steel
band material PVC textile belt with 20 mm ribs (rubber belt special version)
belt W/H 400/3 mm
motor output 1.3 kW/230 V
power consumption 8.7 A
belt speed 25 m/min
belt load max. 50 kg/m
belt load max. 300 kg total
gradient 40°


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