Diamond trenching

The term diamond trenching describes a process for laying pipes for fiber optic cables, in which narrow trenches and slots are made in floors and asphalt in a minimally invasive manner by using diamond cutting technology. This method of laying takes up little space and enables quick completion of pipe and fiber optic lines.  

With the help of our diamond trenching machine a production capacity of min. 1 m / min is possible while cutting a trench into the upper layer (asphalt) and base layer, as well as the simultaneous laying of a large number of single pipes on the bottom of the trench using a laying unit specially developed for this process.

The specific diamond trenching blades are designed for cutting, respectively grinding all obstacles and materials that are installed in the ground. The main benefit is a monotonous, very even cut that leaves straight walls. A simplification of the filling and sealing process is a result of that and is also very inexpensive due to the narrow cutting width.

Technical Data

DT 60 DT 90
Cutting depth max. 380 mm 300 mm
Cutting depth setting hydraulic hydraulic
Saw blade Ø max. 1000 mm 800 mm
Saw blade holder 35 mm (6 x M12 - TK120 mm) 35 mm (6 x M12 - TK120 mm)
Trench width 26-30 mm 20 mm
Feed > 1 m/min 1 m/min
Daily capacity when cutting max. depth 300 - 400 m 150- 200 m
Possible sizes of single pipes von 7-20mm
Drive motor DEUTZ Turbodiesel 4-cylinder Hatz 4-cylinder
Output power max. 100 kW / 136 hp 55 kW / 74,8 hp
Emission level EU IV / US EPA Tier 4 EU Stage 5
Cutting gear forward hydraulic stepless 0-60 m/min hydraulic stepless 0-50 m/min
Cutting gear reverse Hydraulic stepless 0-60 m/min hydraulic stepless 0-25 m/min
Saw blade speed 900 rpm 950 rpm
Steering Electro- hydraulic hydraulic
Left cut/ right cut - / x x / -
Dimensions (L/W/H) 4700/1600/2200 mm 2500/1700/2000 mm
Weight 3050 kg 1550 kg

Other Methods

Excavation Mini-trenching Diamond trenching
Trench width 300-600mm 40-160mm 28-32mm
Trench depth 400mm ≤ ≤ 1200mm ≤ 380mm
Filling excavation material liquid mortar/ self-compacting or mechanically compacting filling material gravel/ sand/ liquid mortar/ self-compacting or mechanically compacting filling materia
Filling width ≤ 900mm ≤ 450mm ≤ 35mm
Trench per shift (8 hours) 55-70m 200-400m 200-600m

Contact Sales

Roland Gaile
+49 175 5430047


Method and machines is a result of a long term experience and colaboration of both our R&D department and our Swedish joint venture, NEXTEC System AB. NEXTEC System AB has many years of experience in building telecommunications networks and offers a complete system for which LISSMAC supplies the trenching machines and diamond tools.

The system consists of:
  • Conventional ducts and infrastructure studies
  • Determination of duct depth with the help of GPR on demand
  • Trenching with diamond blades and duct installation
  • Filling the trench with Nextec- inject
  • Permanent reinstatement of the road surface

For further information please visit: www.nextecsystem.com