The single sided, dry working SMD 133 DRE is a universal eco-line machine for slag removal, deburring and edge rounding of plasma- and oxy-fuel cut parts. Besides perfect results, low tool cost and easy maintenance, as well as the  moderate price level, the return on investment of this machine is exellent.


  • Removing slag,deburring and edge rounding in one throughfeed pass, saves time
  • The high quality and solid construction of the machine guarantees a long lifetime
  • The mechanical removal of slag by power-pins gives long tool life and reduces grinding costs enormously
  • A soft, large diameter, contact roller, enables to process warped parts and accepts thickness tolerances
  • Our 2 rotary heads give a perfectly even edge rounding
  • Both mild- and stainless steels can be processed
  • The compact construction of the machine requires limited floor space
  • The serrated infeed pressure rollers quarantee a safe and easy feeding of parts
  • The ergonomical and intuitive controls make it easy to operate the machine
  • The individual operation of each head guarantees an optimum flexibility of the machine for various applications
  • The optimum accessibility of the machine enables easy tool change,cleaning and maintenance

Specifiche tecniche


working width max. 950 mm
material thickness max. 3 -100 mm
load 300 kg/rm
voltage 400 V (50 Hz) / 480 V (60 Hz)
network structure 3~ PEN / 3~ PE+N
total power 63 A / 61 A
total current consumption 32,5 kW / 34 kW
insulation class IP 42
infinitely variable feed speed 0.5-8 m/min
adjustment of material thickness electric
adjustment of tools manual
weight approx. 2900 kg
dimensions (W/D/H) approx. 1595/2665/1906 mm


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