A Talent for Wall-Flush Cuts LISSMAC Compactcut 401 E


A Talent for Wall-Flush Cuts
Precision right up to the edge with the LISSMAC COMPACTCUT 401E

Many floor saws can make fast, deep and long cuts. But only one can cut just a few millimetres from a wall: the LISSMAC COMPACTCUT 401E. Its unique selling proposition is based on a clever design trick. The cutting blade is secured with six countersunk screws rather than the customary flange, which takes up room. The unique advantage of this LISSMAC electric floor saw has convinced the professionals at Diamant Technik Harz, a company specialised in concrete sawing and drilling.

The COMPACTCUT 401E brings its diamond tool within 15 mm of the edge. Precisely this exceptional ability was asked for in the construction of a new warehouse for RST Thale GmbH. The company operates environmentally-friendly soil decontamination and land recycling. The contaminated excavated material must be stored on a meticulously sealed warehouse floor. Under no circumstances must any seepage reach the soil. This is prevented by means of a 3 cm wide seal between the asphalt floor and the concrete wall.

Every centimetre counts
Diamant Technik Harz took on the task of cutting the 400 m long and 5 cm deep joint for the seal in the asphalt of the warehouse floor. The crux of the matter: Normal floor saws do not come any closer than approximately 5 cm to the wall and were unsuitable for the task at hand. “The LISSMAC floor saw’s ability to cut right up to the wall was decisive when making the investment. We could not have completed this order so quickly, simply and precisely with any other machine. The customer is satisfied too, and that is what matters to us most,” says Reinhard Strohmeyer, managing director of Diamant Technik Harz.

Convertible to an all-rounder in minutes flat
The COMPACTCUT 401E possesses the ability to cut along walls, kerbs, steps and similar borders ex works. Only the optional wall-flush blade guard is required to take full advantage of this characteristic. “It takes just 1 to 2 minutes to exchange the blade guards. This is perfect – since of course, we do not use this versatile machine for wall-flush cuts exclusively,” remarks Strohmeyer. The COMPACTCUT 401E is driven by a 400 V electric motor. With a power of 7.5 kW, the machine accelerates to an optimal 1,250 rpm, using saw blades of up to 800 mm. It powerfully implements this rotational speed with cutting teeth of 320 mm maximum. The COMPACTCUT 401E is particularly suited to cutting work on and inside buildings thanks to its low-noise and emissions-free electric drive. The device is raised and lowered continuously by means of a threaded spindle to prevent damage to the saw blade. As is typical for LISSMAC, the COMPACTCUT 401E has well-balanced weight distribution and excellent directional stability. The machine is easily converted from left to right cut with a few simple hand movements. Equally user-friendly are the height-adjustable handles which can be plugged at different positions for ergonomic work and to prevent operator fatigue.

1: A matter of millimetres. No other floor saw comes so close to the wall. Diamant Technik Harz’s LISSMAC COMPACTCUT 401E is fitted with the optional wall-flush blade guard.

2: A question of cleanliness. The wall-flush blade guard nestles up to the wall and reliably prevents dust and dirt from spreading around the room. Conversion to the normal blade guard is complete in 1 to 2 minutes.

3: Fast progress guaranteed. The well-thought-through ergonomics of the floor saw makes operation easier and speeds up the work process. The LISSMAC COMPACTCUT 401E cuts the 400 m long seal joint in the asphalt in record time.

Text: Peter Hebbeker

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