Deburring machine for every application area
With the SBM and STEELMASTER series, LISSMAC offers deburring machines for almost every application. The most effective possible sheet metal processing and best machining results with both two-sided deburring (SBM) and edge rounding, as well as single-sided grinding and deburring (Steelmaster) of punched, laser, water stream, plasma or autogenously cut workpieces.

Edge rounding

Double-sided edge rounding in one step
Highly effective grinding machines from LISSMAC for two-sided edge processing of aluminium or steel and stainless steel sheets in a single step. Attractive processing quality, efficient processing times and the highest possible productivity are setting standards in innovative sheet metal processing.


The STEELMASTER series offers individual configuration options tailored to the customer requirements for high quality surface finishing, both in dry and wet grinding processes.


Double-sided removal of slag in one step
double -sided removal of slag on outer and inner edges of plasma- and thermal-cut work pieces in a single step. Efficient processing times, the highest possible processing quality and attractive productivity are what make our system design so successful.

Oxide removal

Double-sided oxide layer removal in one step
Automatic steel brush machines by LISSMAC remove the oxide layer on interior and exterior contours of laser-cut steel sheet in a single step. The advantages are efficient processing times and attractive productivity. Our steel brush machines are outstanding for their simple handling and low tool costs, and especially for their cost-effectiveness.

Special solutions

Decades of experience and a wide variety of customer projects form the basis for custom solutions from LISSMAC that are specific to the customer or application.

Composite materials are gaining increasing significance in the industry and also present special challenges in the grinding and deburring processes. The surface finish and dimensional accuracy of the workpieces have high significance in this. The freely configurable LISSMAC Grinding Machines allow optimum adjustment to customer requirements. Examples: Grinding of
  • Fibre composite materials
  • Polymer concrete
  • Sandwich constructions
  • Bimetals

LISSMAC Wide Band Grinding Machines are used in the printed circuit board industry for:
  • Grinding off excess plugging paste
  • Grinding and deburring bored holes
  • Grinding pressed sheets
The wet grinding process is used for this because of low heat dissipation.

Loops of sheets format
Specific surface structures are added to the sheet metal during finish grinding of format sheets. As a system supplier LISSMAC also supplies, in addition to grinding machines, entire processing lines with conveyor technology, extraction units and charging and discharging units.

LISSMAC Wide Band Grinding Machines are used in the rubber industry for:
  • Tolerance grinding (grinding to dimension)
  • Roughing up for gluing
  • Fine grinding (e.g., shoe industry)