Wire saws - LWCE 200

The LISSMAC wire saw system is the custom solution for forever changing requirements. Both electric wire saws and hydraulic wire saws are easy to transport and to install. With the help of diamond wire accurate openings with random shapes are possible, where the cutting depth is nearly unlimited. 


  • The wire saw with the extra large wire store and long stroke for maximum utilisation and application for a maximum structure size of 11 m
  • Finely adjustable feed rate with wire-conserving smooth start for optimal control of the application, also thanks to the innovative dampening system
  • The saw can be placed directly on the object to be cut and can be converted from a drill rig into a wire saw in a matter of minutes
  • The expandable modular system can be driven either electrically or, via a conversion kit, hydraulically
  • Greatly simplified handling of the wire storage
  • Electric main and feed motors for extremely smooth, wire-conserving sawing

· 2 drive rolls Ø 200 mm
· Diverter rolls Ø 200 mm
· Feed wire storage electric

Technical data

LWCE 200

wire storage 11 m
overall wire length 14.2 m
wire Ø, sintered 11 mm
wire Ø, galvanised 10 mm
output power 16 A 8 kW
output power 32 A 17 kW
voltage 400 V
frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
dimensions (L/W/H) 1517/615/798 mm
weight without drill stand 83 kg
weight with drill stand CDR 500 109 kg


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