Masonry Saws - DTS 420 T

DTS 420 T
DTS 420 T
DTS 420 PE-T mit Absaugung
DTS 420 PE-T mit Absaugung
DTS 420 T
DTS 420 PE-T mit Absaugung
The diamond masonry saws of the DTS 420 design series are characterised by their compact and vertical design which is ideal for use on masonry working platforms (MAB) and in restricted space conditions. LISSMAC developed the DTS 420 T specifically for stones, which must not get in contact with water.


  • Stones and adhesive surfaces as a consequence remain dry
  • Special saw blade guard prevents dust leakage - collecting device empties itself automatically
  • Supply for industrial vacuum cleaner for dust reduction – suction necessary
  • No freezing of water-bearing parts
  • Effortless cleaning of the DTS
  • No damage caused by alkaline cutting mud (sand-lime stones)
  • Simple disposal of cutting mud
  • Quickly useable (Plug and Play)
  • The central location of the controls allows the operator to process the material to be cut from one working position
  • The protective cover integrated into the saw hood is lowered with the saw blade thus providing optimum protection from injury when sawing
  • Powerful saw blade drive via high-performance chain in a totally closed and low-maintenance gearbox
  • No time consuming retightening of the V-belts
  • Central crane lifting hook, tail wheel for movement, large mobility
  • Fast saw blade change
  • The material to be cut can be precisely positioned by using the view window
  • The saw head‘s own weight supports the vertical sawing motion
  • Notched cuts are easily and quickly executed without time-consuming adjustments (e.g. height adjustments of the saw head, for example)
  • Large blocks can be worked without having to tilt them
  • Saw head is easily positioned for safe transport

Technical data

DTS 420 T

cutting depth standard / max. 370/420 mm
cutting length 650 mm
saw blade Ø standard / max. 900/1000 mm
arbor size 60 mm
motor output 3 kW, 400 V
saw blade speed 320 1/min
protection class IP 55
feed handwheel
table width 825 mm
dimensions (L/W/H) 1260/950/2000 mm
weight 380 kg


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