CDR 162

The CDR 162 / CDR 342 / CDR 402 are attractive for daily use on the construction site as lightweight, functional and compact core drilling stands. The CDR series provides universal operating options from the left, right, or back of the drilling stand. The feed axes are conveniently accessible from any position using the hand crank.


  • Simple assembly and efficient exchange of the core drill motors via the UNIVERSAL quick clamping collar system.
  • The UNIVERSAL-mounting plate makes it easy to mount any drill motor precisely
  • Ergonomic and effortless core drilling thanks to a hand crank which can be operated from either side
  • The support feed is precisely controllable with 1:1 direct ratio or an additional 1:2 fine control ratio.
  • Precise support guidance using V-sliding blocks and the aluminium profile column
  • The bearing guide is precise and sturdy, and can be easily adjusted
  • The steel gear rack is safely built into the aluminum column
  • The aluminium profile column can be pivoted back by up to 45° for drilling at an angle
  • The integrated handle on the aluminium profile column offers multi-purpose handling and drilling stand transport
  • Precise alignment of the core drilling stand by four levelling screws as well as a vertical and horizontal water level integrated in the “support”
  • The support can be locked in any position with a locking screw, for stepless hight adjustment

Technical data

CDR 162

core bits-Ø recommended 150 mm
core bits-Ø max. 162 mm
adjustable useful length 585 mm
motor mounting using collar-Ø 60mm
feed gears operated from either side 1:1
feed hand crank
angle drilling 90° - 45°
dimensions (L/W/H) 450/230/900 mm
weight 7.7 kg


core bits-Ø recommended 5.91 inch
core bits-Ø max. 6.38 inch
adjustable useful length 23.03 inch
motor mounting using collar-Ø 2.36 inch
feed gears operated from either side 1:1
feed hand crank
angle drilling 90° - 45°
drill stand foot alu
fastening dowel (vacuum opt.)
leveling (horizontal/vertical) spirit levels
dimensions (L/W/H) 17.72/9.06/35.43 inch
weight 16.98 lbs


Overview Core Drilling

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