LISSMAC - a success story

Over the past three decades, LISSMAC has developed from a manufacturer of exclusively construction machinery to an international system partner for highly technical machines and systems. Today, LISSMAC stands for outstanding innovative force, technological competence and first-class system and service solutions from a single source. As an innovation leader in modern construction, LISSMAC has always actively supported change in the industry. Today, thanks to a refined spectrum of products and services, LISSMAC is the market leader in the area of stone cutting and masonry technology. Our focus is on cutting-edge technology in all LISSMAC business areas: Construction Technology, Metal Processing, Plant Engineering and MT Handling.


LISSMAC continues to grow. In keeping with the motto "new spaces for new ideas", on November 9th, 2012, we festively celebrate the opening of construction area 4.


Steelmaster metal grinding machines – a high-performance newcomer to the LISSMAC portfolio

With the development and market launch of the LISSMAC line, consisting of steel brushing, grinding, deburring and deslagging machines, we have revolutionized sheet metal processing and are now one of the market leaders in the industry. The highly effective method of double-sided processing of inner and outer edges in one single pass is unique to the market.
With the acquisition of the metal division of Buetfering and the resulting addition of the Steelmaster premium brand to the LISSMAC portfolio, we are taking another step forward and are now offering our customers the additional application possibilities of a defined surface finish in wet or dry operation.



LISSMAC Group, consisting of three companies - LISSMAC Maschinenbau und Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH, MT Handhabungs- und Robotersysteme GmbH and LMW Maschinenbau GmbH - is combined into a single corporation, "LISSMAC Maschinenbau GmbH". In future, there will be four strategic business areas under one central LISSMAC brand.

New corporate image – LISSMAC is established as a corporate brand.
LISSMAC develops a modern appearance: Forward-looking, international, and innovative, the company presents itself under new corporate design in all media, from brochures and trade show presence, to the Internet. The new proprietary LISSMAC logo and the motto "Uns Bewegen Ideen", which roughly translates into "We are moved by ideas", underscore the company's innovative philosophy.


Planning, production, and installation of an entire prefabricated house manufacturing plant in Russia, which has an annual output of about 600 houses.


First handling system for loads over 1000 kg.


Development of custom handling systems for the automotive industry.


LISSMAC sets new standards for innovative sheet metal processing with the development of a patented machine series of steel brushing, grinding, and deburring machines. Our highly effective method of processing both inside and outside contours of sheet metal parts in just one single pass is unique to the market.


Acquisition of Modern Technik (MT), which is established as newly created subsidiary MT Handling and Robot Systems, and manufactures custom handling systems with intelligent gripper technology. In 2009 the subsidiary is integrated into today's MT Handling business area.



Second expansion of the production building. In all, there is now a production area of more than 10,000 m² available.


LISSMAC produces the world's first heavy-duty robot in serial production, with a maximum handling weight of 600 kg and a reach of 6 m.


First expansion of the production building with an additional production area of about 4000 m².


Dedication of the new production and administration building in the Gewerbepark West industrial park in Bad Wurzach.


Development and production of diamond tools.


Production of floor saws.


Anmietung einer eigenen Produktionsstätte mit Büroräumen in
Bad Wurzach. Beginn der eigenen Produktion von Steintrennsägen
mit 7 Mitarbeitern. Ausweitung des Programms auf Mauersteinbandsägen und Diamanttrennsägen. Herstellung von Sondersägeanlagen und weiteren Sondermaschinen für die steinherstellende Industrie.


Nach erfolgreichen Testreihen mit verschiedenen Steinsystemen entschied er sich dann zur Serienfertigung und damit zur Gründung einer separaten Firma. LISSMAC wurde geboren und notariell als GmbH, mit Siegfried Gebhart als Hauptgesellschafter und drei weiteren Gesellschaftern eingetragen. Die neu gegründete LISSMAC hat das Patent zur Anmeldung gebracht. Aitrach war der erste Firmensitz, von wo aus der Vertrieb organisiert wurde. Die Maschinen wurden dabei zuerst extern gefertigt.

Die Namensgebung wurde aus dem Leistungsabbild der ersten Maschine entwickelt.
LISSMAC bedeutet: LI = lignum (lat.) Holz, S = saxum (lat.) harter Fels, S = serra (lat.) Säge, MAC = machina (lat.) Maschine.


Im Sommer 1978 beginnt Siegfried Gebhart mit den ersten Ideen und Entwurfszeichnungen für eine Steinschneidemaschine. Die Steinschneidemaschine ist konzipiert als Stichsäge mit einem speziellen Getriebe. Ende 1978 ist der erste Prototyp fertiggestellt.