CDR 251

Designed for particularly precise and fatigue-free work. Thanks to additional 1: 3 fine extra sensitive drill feed drive, the professional drill stand is ideal for applications up to 250 mm.

The compact, practical and robust core drill stand CDR 251 is designed for reliable professional use with diamond core bits up to a maximum of 250 mm. The 1: 1 direct transmission and the optional 1: 3 fine transmission makes the feed rate of the drill precisely controllable. The ergonomic core drill stand guarantees fatigue-free core drilling. The universal mounting plate of the core drill stand allows precise and easy assembly to any drill motor.

The versatile core drill stand has proven itself particularly useful for common drilling applications such as through drilling, row drilling, ceiling drilling, wall drilling, floor drilling and corner drilling as well as wall breakthrough. The core drill stand for column-guided core drilling machines is an extremely efficient tool for a wide range of applications including installation and fastening technology.

The robust core drill stand has a precise support guide with a roller guide. The height of the support can be locked in any position using a locking screw. The rack is protected by being embedded in the aluminium profile column. The drilling column can be adjusted up to 45 ° for inclined drilling with its rear pivot. The heavy drill stand ensures high stability. The exact adjustment the drill stand is possible by four levelling screws and the integrated vertical and horizontal spirit levels. The compact and very stable core drill stand CDR 251 is designed for particularly sensitive, precise, fatigue-free core hole drilling up to a maximum of 250 mm. Learn more:

DRILL JET CDR251 ohne Spannhals
Technical data
CDR 251
core bits-Ø recommended
200 mm
core bits-Ø max.
250 mm
lifting height
550 mm
motor mounting using
feed gears operated from either side
1:1 and 1:3
hand crank
roller guide
angle drilling
90° - 45°
stainless steel dowel foot
dimensions (L/W/H)
300/190/880 mm
11.8 kg
Further information
  • The UNIVERSAL mounting plate makes it easy to mount
    any drill motor
  • Ergonomic and effortless core drilling thanks to a hand
    crank cross which can be operated from either side
  • The feed rate is precisely controllable with 1:1 direct
    ratio or an additional 1:3 ratio.
  • Precise support guiding using roller guides
  • The toothed rod is safely built into the aluminium profile
  • For drilling at an angle, the aluminum profile column can
    be pivoted backwards by up to 45°
  • The sturdy drilling stand support offers high stability
  • Precise alignment of the core drilling stand by four
    levelling screws as well as a vertical and horizontal water
    level integrated in the “support”
  • The support can be locked in any position with a locking
    screw, for stepless hight adjustment

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