MBS 510 heute – die Säge wurde immer weiter ausgebaut und den wachsenden Anforderungen angepasst.
 Schnitt für Schnitt kraftvoll und präzise –mit mehreren LISSMAC Mauersteinbandsägen MBS 510 und MBS 650 bringen die Arbeiter der Sobha Construction LLC die Porenbetonblöcke für den Innenausbau der Luxuswohnungen und -villen in Form

40 years of Masonry Band Saws – a success story made by LISSMAC

September 21, 2022

"The MBS masonry band saw is one of the most successful products in the history of LISSMAC. In 1982, this innovation marked the beginning of the company's rise from a small family business to an internationally oriented company with around 400 employees and a wide range of products today," says Managing Director Daniel Keller. Until then, bricks and aerated concrete blocks were laboriously sawn by hand on construction sites and painstak-ingly straightened with a planer. 40 years later, the LISSMAC MBS series (Masonry Band Saw) maintains its leading market position. In cooperation with users, its strengths have been further developed and adapted to the growing requirements.

The LISSMAC masonry band saw was barely on the market when it became a big hit. "It was 'only' a saw, but it revolutionised a work step that is carried out thousands of times a day on construction sites all over the world," says Keller. Creating more with less effort and achieving better quality at the same time - LISSMAC didn't have to explain these tangible advantages to any contractor. An enormous demand was awakened and the machines found brisk sales. "In the aerated concrete industry, we achieved an incredibly high market share in the early years. Often the saws were rent-ed out to the customers by the AAC manufacturers when they bought the bricks," retired LISSMAC employees still remember the successful early years with pleasure. The masonry band saw was designed as a precise, reliable tool for tough professional use, yet so simple and practical to use that even DIY amateurs could work immediately and safely with the masonry band saw.

Making good things better is one of LISSMAC's traditional strengths, as is innovation. As early as 1984, two years after its market launch, the first evolutionary stage of the best seller took off: The MBS 502 already had the product name that is still valid today and gleamed in green instead of or-ange, LISSMAC's company colour at the time, until the company adopted a new corporate design in blue in 2009. MBS 502 stood for masonry band saw with 500 mm impeller diameter in the 2nd  generation. Today, LISSMAC offers perfect solutions for every customer requirement with three MBS versions, whereby the product names are still speaking. MBS 510 stands for 510 mm cutting height. Above this are the MBS 650 and the flagship MBS 760, with which even the processing of large blocks is easy. The machine has a robust roller table that can be positioned extremely pre-cisely even under heavy loads and makes handling large-format stones much easier and faster.
"Performance with added value has always been our claim. The decisive plus in benefits distin-guishes all LISSMAC machines - the MBS made the start," says Keller. The MBS masonry band saws have proven themselves for four decades with low-maintenance reliability, years of precision and unique details copied from daily work on construction sites worldwide. For example, LISSMAC delivered several MBS 510 and MBS 650 to Dubai, where Sobha Construction LLC had to cut more than 200,000 aerated concrete blocks with millimetre precision for the construction of a luxu-ry resort. "On the construction site, it is precisely the seemingly minor details on the machines that make the decisive difference between pleasure and frustration at work. LISSMAC stands for per-fection and practical relevance – something that users truly appreciate. Here in Dubai, too," says Johnson Pereira, Sales Manager at the LISSMAC location in the United Arab Emirates, providing another episode for the 40-year success story of LISSMAC masonry band saws.