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We rely on experience and system competence. Against this background, LISSMAC Maschinenbau GmbH is comprised of four business divisions: Construction Technology, Metal Processing, Plant Engineering and MT handling. Worldwide, more than 400 employees at five locations in Germany, France, the USA and the United Arab Emirates ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Four business areas

Construction Technology

Innovative construction technology for professionals: Rapid. Straightforward. Effective.

The more precise your work results on the construction site, the more convincing the overall result will end up being. This is why the construction professionals at LISSMAC invest all of their know-how in making innovative professional products for the construction industry even better. As a global system supplier, we will provide your business with professional construction machinery, ranging from high-precision diamond saws to cutting technology for civil engineering, floor saws, core drilling machines, working platforms and machinery for the renovation and demolition sectors.
We do know how important quality is to you. That's why we make it easy for you: We develop professional construction machinery in close conjunction with stone manufacturers, construction equipment dealers and rental parks which make your work noticeably more straightforward, with maximised working conditions and accelerated processes.

Metal Processing

Metalworking installations: Productive. Economical. Excellent.

Maximum precision levels are required whenever metal is being used. We automate your processes together in conjunction with you so that you can achieve your level of quality, productivity objectives, and create financially viable processes,. Integrated complete solutions create a revolutionary quality for thick sheet and thin sheet metal processing. Our own machine series consisting of steel brushing, grinding and deburring machines are what makes this possible. These are setting new standards in sheet metal processing on both counts in just one single operation and have been awarded several innovation prizes.
We are redefining efficiency, for instance with particularly short processing times for removing the oxide layer, or for deburring or for grinding. Countless industries are already benefiting from our integrated complete solutions, whether these be laser job shops, stainless steel processing units, steel service centres or automotive suppliers. And how about you?


Handling systems: Hand-held manipulators. Intelligent handling processes.

Smooth material flows losing any time are a basic requirement for efficient manufacturing processes. However not every working process can be undertaken by robots. This is why LISSMAC develops handling systems with specific gripper technology. They are able to take on any handling task precisely and conveniently, which is dependent on your individual requirements. Your employees can easily transport loads easily, equip machine tools, implement complex assembly aids in the automotive industry and ensure an efficient material flow, all of which are thanks to the wide range of hand-held manipulators and intelligent handling systems. Whether it be mechanical engineering, food, textile or chemical industry, LISSMAC handling technology will continually support you in maximising your processes and making them more efficient.


Individual Plant Engineering: Customised. Automated. For your processes.

LISSMAC system technology is geared towards maximising your processes. Our plant construction specialists will accompany your team from the initial concept for a new product through to the project planning phase, delivery, installation and commissioning of new plants for implementing your turnkey projects. Our long-term partnership contributes towards your success.
LISSMAC’s systems and special machinery are individually tailored to your needs by our experts, whether it be sawing systems for stone production, special machinery or individual system solutions. Our plant construction assists in consistently automating your processes and helps get them on track in order to achieve the financial returns you require.

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Titelbild Schleiftechnik

Excellence in floor preparation

LISSMAC's new series of floor grinding machines and floor milling machines Innovation is a trademark of LISSMAC. With the series of floor grinding and floor milling machines presented for the first time at Bauma 2022, the company is adding a new product field to its range. "As a leading manufacturer of floor saws, stone saws, wall saws, wire saws and core drills, we know how to build machines that reliably deliver top performance under the toughest conditions. Our new grinding and milling machines cover exactly the needs of professionals in floor preparation" says managing director Daniel Keller. Six grinding machines and three milling machines make up LISSMAC's powerful new product family, designed for a wide range of tillage tasks from quick-fix repairs to demanding large-scale operations. At the start of production, a comprehensive selection of tools is already available that are precisely matched to the machines and their intended use and ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. The all-in-one range is rounded off by the VACUUM-DRY industrial hoovers in two per-formance levels. Equipped with HEPA filters + PTFE, they meet dust class H and achieve air flows of 340 m³/h and 510 m³/h respectively. Smooth and non-slip - the new BSM floor grinding machinesWith six models ranging from 2.2 kW to 11 kW of high-torque electric power and working widths of 270 mm to 650 mm, the floor grinding machines from LISSMAC handle the majority of tasks that arise in professional floor preparation. The LISSMAC diamond tools, which are carefully matched to the machines in different grit sizes and segment hardnesses, produce first-class surfaces on floors such as concrete, screed or terrazzo and score points with long service lives. The stick roller system creates a roughened sansurface similar to shot peening. High-quality visible surfaces can be created or renovated in a short time with the diamond polishing pads. The LISSMAC PCD tools effectively remove adhesives, paints or coatings from surfaces.The handy floor sanding machine BSM 270 E with 2.2 kW 230 V motor and 270 mm working width inspires anew every day as a nimble all-rounder for the high-abrasive subfloor preparation of floors. Super light, super powerful and super fast is the BSM 310 E with a particularly durable brushless 230 V motor, 310 mm working width and 38 kg operating weight. The BSM 340 E with its speed-regulated, 5.5 kW 400 V motor and 340 mm working width is recommended for coarse work with high removal rates. An economical solution for all cases, equally efficient for dry applications, is the BSM 450 E 3-disc sanding machine with an impressive 450 mm working width and 230 V motor with 2.2 kW. The BSM 525 E with its speed-regulated, 7.5 kW 400 V motor, trimmed for maximum performance, really puts the pressure on when it comes to demanding dry and wet sanding. The working width of the 3-disc sanding machine is 525 mm. Flagship performance on a 650 mm work-ing width is delivered by the BSM 650 E with 11 kW engine, which powerfully pulls through the ad-justable speed even on rough jobs. The weight of the heavy floor grinder is optimally balanced for high stock removal and energy-saving operation during long operations. All LISSMAC floor sanding machines are characterised by the fact that they are also ideally suited for work close to walls. Good from the ground up - the new BFM floor milling machinesWith cracks, blisters, chipping and increased susceptibility to weathering, the costly consequences of inadequate substrate preparation inevitably come to light sooner or later. The new LISSMAC floor milling machines produce a high adhesive tensile strength on concrete and screed surfaces and thus prepare the load-bearing basis for further floor construction. The powerful and robust ma-chines compensate for height differences of up to 8 mm and efficiently remove adhesives, paints as well as foam residues from floors. Three practically graded machine sizes deliver solid perfor-mance day after day on 200 mm to 320 mm working widths. The LISSMAC tools, which are pre-cisely tailored to the market requirements, convince with an attractive price-performance ratio, en-sure first-class surface quality and guarantee long tool lives.The BFM 200 E proves itself as a compact universal machine, which, for all its manageability, also comes up trumps with performance and durability - the classic LISSMAC virtues. Driven by a 2.2 kW 230 V motor, it achieves milling depths of up to 2 mm with a working width of 200 mm. The BFM 250 E is still compact and easy to use, but is in a whole new performance class. Its 4 kW 400 V motor provides the power and endurance for demanding applications with a maximum milling depth of 5 mm over a working width of 250 mm. Large areas and the most demanding tasks are the métier of the BFM 320 E, the largest floor milling machine from LISSMAC with a working width of 320 mm, which can be converted to a diamond milling machine with 24 diamond blades in a short time. Driven by an 11 kW 400 V motor, it mills up to 8 mm deep on concrete C20/25 in one operation. Equipped with a stepless hydrostatic drive for forward and reverse travel, the ergonomi-cally designed machine protects the operator's strength during continuous operation.

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LISSMAC France Titelbild

New site in France

We are very pleased to announce that from now on we can serve our French customers and prospects directly from France with a LISSMAC site in Colmar.The contact persons remain the same and will be happy to answer all questions. If you wish information material about our products, please contact directly our office in Colmar: LISSMAC COLMAR11 rue Mittlerweg68025 Colmar, France Phone     (+33) 03 89 20 30 63Fax          (+33) 03 89 20 43 79Email If you have any questions or require individual advice, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales manager: Metal Processing Didier FinklerPhone      (+33) 03 89 20 12 86Mobile     (+33) 06 45 32 87 18Email Construction Technology Anthony SimaoPhone      (+33) 03 89 20 30 63Mobile     (+33) 07 86 20 74 02Email  

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Titelbild Euroblech LISSMAC-KOHLER

Entgrat- und Richttechnik in einer Anlage vereint

At Euroblech, the two machine manufacturers LISSMAC and KOHLER showed a jointly developed system. It illustrates how the deburring and straightening processes can be optimally coordinated with each other and thus generate high efficiency potential for the overall process. The grinding, deburring and partial straightening of sheet metal parts are processes that usually go hand in hand. It is therefore a good thing if the competences are also combined in the development of the equipment. Against this background, LISSMAC Maschinenbau GmbH and KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH have jointly developed a deburring-straightening line. The line combination, which was presented at Euroblech, consists of the SBM-L G1S2 1500 grinding and deburring machine from Lissmac and a Peak Performer parts leveler from KOHLER, according to a company release. The SBM-L series machines are basically suitable for double-sided processing of workpieces made of stainless steel, steel, aluminum or non-ferrous metals, it added. They were developed for deburring and edge rounding on both sides in a single operation and can be used for processing sheet metal parts, laser parts and stamped parts. The L series is equipped with three units each on the top and bottom sides. Workpieces can be machined on the top side, the bottom side or both sides as desired, sp the manufacturer. "Double-sided sheet metal processing and edge rounding in just one operation enables time savings of up to 60 percent compared to grinding machines that process on one side. It is also possible to connect automation solutions or integrate it into production lines without any problems. This is exactly what we have realized with our partner KOHLER," says Robert Dimmler, Sales Director Metal Processing at LISSMAC Maschinenbau GmbH. The integrated Peak Performer machine from KOHLER enables precise straightening and thus low-stress and flat sheets as well as part blanks, he adds. The system features a direct drive for the straightening rolls, which ensures greater energy efficiency, less wear and a higher straightenable cross-section, it adds. An advanced cleaning system enables easy cleaning of the straightening rolls and back-up rolls. In addition, the patented electromechanical straightening gap control ensures a reliably constant straightening gap, the likewise patented reversible straightening rolls ensure a longer service life, and extra-wide back-up rolls provide particularly stiff support for the straightening rolls, it adds. Source: blechnet

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Guppenfoto Bauma 2022

bauma Ausfahrt 2022

Saturday is always the most popular day for visitors during the bauma week. This year, a trip to bauma was organized by our works council on Saturday, October 29, 2022. Together a group of more than 50 colleagues started early in the morning by bus towards Munich. Of course, the LISSMAC booth was also visited to meet the colleagues on site and to marvel at our products. All in all it was a successful trip with many different impressions. Many thanks to the works council for the great organization! We are looking forward to the next bauma in three years.

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Titel Serviceschulung

LISSMAC Service Training Metal Processing

October was a busy month for LISSMAC: Both Euroblech in Hanover and BAUMA in Munich were on the agenda.Since many of our international dealers used this as an opportunity to visit Germany, we offered a service training at our headquarters during this period.The offer was well received and with 10 participants we started on 24.11.2022 in our demonstration center in Bad Wurzach. Part of the one-week training was an update on new products and the process-safe handling of our machines, so that a smooth commissioning/maintenance can be guaranteed by our staff.Due to the wide range of international participants, various experiences could be reported and exchanged. This is not only important for the dealers/service partners themselves, but also for us as a company, because it is only through feedback that we can continue to develop. We are already looking forward to the next training and will announce new dates here.

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LISSMAC AT THE EUROBLECH – Grinding and deburring technology for the most diverse requirements

Euroblech is one of the most important trade fairs for the machine manufacturer Lissmac with a focus on sheet metal working. This year, the company is concentrating on presenting the SBM series and the SMD 3 series. Both types of system operate highly efficiently and can be customised for a wide range of customer requirements. Basically, Lissmac customers always have the option of choosing between two machine concepts with regard to their order processing: double-sided processing in one operation and single-sided processing - dry on one side or wet on the other. Double-sided, dry machining offers a lot of efficiency potential In Hanover, Lissmac will present three models of the SBM series. "These machines set standards in sheet metal processing. In the dry machining process, the efficient machin-ing of all cutting contours on both sides of sheet metal, i.e. the outer and inner contours, takes place in just one work process. Synchronous machining on both sides offers maxi-mum productivity and the best machining results," says the manufacturer. The machining principle ensures uniform tool wear across the entire working width. Moreover, the dry processing means that no chemical additives are required, as is the case with barrel finishing, for example. According to Lissmac, all machines in this series stand for energy efficiency and high and consistent machining quality. In addition, a quick and easy tool change is possible.The Lissmac equipment portfolio comprises four machine series. Depending on the pro-duction task or sheet thickness, the SBM-XS, SBM-M, SBM-L or SBM-XL series is used. These machine models differ in terms of working width, as well as the number and type of units for workpiece machining Fully automatic small parts processing Particularly in small parts machining, high quantities are often processed. Lissmac pre-sents its SBM-XS 300 ALU MIX small parts deburring machine with a loading robot. The line ensures a low-manpower and efficient production process through bin picking. It also features a modern, compact machine design and thus a small footprint, as well as simple and intuitive machine operation. The SBM-XS 300 ALU MIX with vacuum table is de-signed for deburring and edge rounding of steel, stainless steel and aluminium with sheet thicknesses from 1 to 15 mm and for part sizes from 45 x 45 x 1 mm up to a maxi-mum of 200 x 200 x 15 mm, depending on the geometry. . Inner and outer contours are machined equally. The integrated turning station eliminates the need for time-consuming turning and reprocessing of the parts. Folding away the turning station allows parts with an edge length of more than 200 mm to be processed unilaterally.  For deburring and edge rounding of the inner and outer contours of stamped parts of punched parts, as well as for laser- or fine plasma-cut workpieces, the two dry-operating SBM-L 1000 G1S2 and SBM-L 1500 G1S2 machines will be shown. The focus of the two systems, which are implemented with passage widths of 1000 mm and 1500 mm respec-tively, is the removal of spatter on the sheet surface. Here, too, the deburring of the often very heavy workpieces on both sides saves cost-intensive turning or machining of the parts twice. The processing units are individually electrically adjustable or can be switched on and off. The transverse machining principle ensures optimum tool utilisation over the entire working width and the modular, compact construction in modern machine design requires only a small amount of space.Very important for the employees at the plant is the improved working environment of the plant through extraction and filter technology. This significantly reduces dust, dirt and noise pollution. Optional smart features include automatic tool wear compensation, auto-matic sheet thickness measurement, a barcode scanner and other tools. One-sided, efficient dry machining for beginners and professionals The product range of single-sided dry grinding machines includes the particularly eco-nomical entry-level models of the SMD 1 series. Their range of applications extends from deburring and all-round edge rounding to the removal of heavy plasma or flame-cut slag.At Euroblech, Lissmac will present the universal entry-level machine SMD 123 RE, which can be used for machining steel, stainless steel and aluminium. It is suitable for removing cutting burrs that occur during punching or laser and plasma cutting. The two rotor heads of the system enable uniform edge rounding on all sides and also a directionless finish. The creation of a surface grind is possible without time-consuming set-up work. Compo-nents can also be machined by forming. The SMD 123 RE has a small footprint and can be operated intuitively via a touch panel. Other features include separate switching on and off of the processing units, a continuously adjustable sanding belt speed and a quick and easy tool change. In the high-performance segment, the versatile models of the SMD 3 series are convinc-ing for efficient part processing from 50 x 50 mm, regardless of the part geometry. The range of applications extends from slag removal, deburring and uniform edge rounding up to a radius of 2.0 mm to surface finishing and small parts machining. "The sophisticat-ed tool arrangement of the SMD3 series ensures a uniform machining result over the en-tire working width. Maximum tool contact with the components ensures perfect edge rounding up to a radius of 2 mm. A programme memory ensures automatic machine set-ting and reproducible machining results, and a fixed machine table with constant table height ensures ergonomic working," says machine manufacturer Lissmac, summarising some of the advantages. On top of that, there is intuitive operation thanks to the clearly laid out touch panel and fast machine setting using automatic positioning of the tool ax-es. A quick tool change system reduces set-up times to a minimum and optimum accessi-bility to the machine facilitates cleaning and maintenance. In Hanover, visitors to the Lissmac stand can find out about the SMD 345 REER (S-Edition), for example. The system can be used in a variety of ways - from edge rounding R2 to finishing. The creation of directionless grinding patterns and strong edge rounding is also made possible by several round brushes. According to LISSMAC, the machine is also predestined for processing sheet metal with coating, foiling, embossing or through-passages, the processing of various materials such as steel, stainless steel andaluminium as well as the simultaneous machining of different material thicknesses.The SMD 335 DRE (P-Edition), which will also be presented, is suitable for machining thick sheets. It scores with cool-grinding due to low heat input into the workpieces. Me-chanical slag removal also eliminates the need for expensive machining and results in reduced tooling costs for users. As with all systems in the SMD 3 series, LISSMAC also offers various optional features for individual customer requirements. In cooperation with the straightening technology specialists from Kohler Maschinenbau GmbH, Lissmac will also be presenting a processing line for deburring and part straight-ening in a single operation at its exhibition stand. The interlinking of the two processes ensures an efficient production process and material flow and thus significantly reduces the effort required for material handling and logistics. "The highest machining quality of the workpieces is the optimal prerequisite for further machining and processing of the components," says Lissmac. No matter what task the companies want to solve, the Lissmac team of experts looks for-ward to individual consultations and professional exchange. Lissmac will be present at Euroblech in Hall 14 at Booth K06. Text: Annedore Bose-Munde

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MBS - Das Original seit 1982

40 years of Masonry Band Saws – a success story made by LISSMAC

"The MBS masonry band saw is one of the most successful products in the history of LISSMAC. In 1982, this innovation marked the beginning of the company's rise from a small family business to an internationally oriented company with around 400 employees and a wide range of products today," says Managing Director Daniel Keller. Until then, bricks and aerated concrete blocks were laboriously sawn by hand on construction sites and painstak-ingly straightened with a planer. 40 years later, the LISSMAC MBS series (Masonry Band Saw) maintains its leading market position. In cooperation with users, its strengths have been further developed and adapted to the growing requirements. The LISSMAC masonry band saw was barely on the market when it became a big hit. "It was 'only' a saw, but it revolutionised a work step that is carried out thousands of times a day on construction sites all over the world," says Keller. Creating more with less effort and achieving better quality at the same time - LISSMAC didn't have to explain these tangible advantages to any contractor. An enormous demand was awakened and the machines found brisk sales. "In the aerated concrete industry, we achieved an incredibly high market share in the early years. Often the saws were rent-ed out to the customers by the AAC manufacturers when they bought the bricks," retired LISSMAC employees still remember the successful early years with pleasure. The masonry band saw was designed as a precise, reliable tool for tough professional use, yet so simple and practical to use that even DIY amateurs could work immediately and safely with the masonry band saw. Making good things better is one of LISSMAC's traditional strengths, as is innovation. As early as 1984, two years after its market launch, the first evolutionary stage of the best seller took off: The MBS 502 already had the product name that is still valid today and gleamed in green instead of or-ange, LISSMAC's company colour at the time, until the company adopted a new corporate design in blue in 2009. MBS 502 stood for masonry band saw with 500 mm impeller diameter in the 2nd  generation. Today, LISSMAC offers perfect solutions for every customer requirement with three MBS versions, whereby the product names are still speaking. MBS 510 stands for 510 mm cutting height. Above this are the MBS 650 and the flagship MBS 760, with which even the processing of large blocks is easy. The machine has a robust roller table that can be positioned extremely pre-cisely even under heavy loads and makes handling large-format stones much easier and faster."Performance with added value has always been our claim. The decisive plus in benefits distin-guishes all LISSMAC machines - the MBS made the start," says Keller. The MBS masonry band saws have proven themselves for four decades with low-maintenance reliability, years of precision and unique details copied from daily work on construction sites worldwide. For example, LISSMAC delivered several MBS 510 and MBS 650 to Dubai, where Sobha Construction LLC had to cut more than 200,000 aerated concrete blocks with millimetre precision for the construction of a luxu-ry resort. "On the construction site, it is precisely the seemingly minor details on the machines that make the decisive difference between pleasure and frustration at work. LISSMAC stands for per-fection and practical relevance – something that users truly appreciate. Here in Dubai, too," says Johnson Pereira, Sales Manager at the LISSMAC location in the United Arab Emirates, providing another episode for the 40-year success story of LISSMAC masonry band saws.

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Market of Professions

On Tuesday, 27.09.2022, the "Market of Professions" took place at the Real- und Werkrealschule in Bad Wurzach. As an education partner of both schools, we were of course on site.We were able to present our numerous apprenticeships and dual study programs to interested students and their parents. Our candy-gripping machine, designed and built by apprentices in their 3rd year as industrial mechanics, was particularly well received by the students. During many great and interesting conversations, one or the other internship was awarded and we are looking forward to receiving applications for our apprenticeships.

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Gruppenfoto Azubis 2022

Start of training 2022

Welcome to the team!Yesterday, on 01.09.2022, we welcomed a total of 11 new trainees and dual students to our company. The first part of the introduction days took place yesterday. The trainees had the opportunity to get acquainted with the company during a tour of the company, various activities in the group and an introduction to the daily routine at LISSMAC. During a lunch with the trainees from the second and third year of apprenticeship, first information and tips could be exchanged. Today, everyone has another chance to get to know each other better before the assignment in the respective departments begins. We are very happy to drive LISSMAC forward with young people and new ideas. More information about the apprenticeship at LISSMAC can be found here.

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Teamevent Minigolf

On Tuesday, we took advantage of the sunny day to play miniature golf together after work.The local miniature golf course was open especially for us during this time and a cozy get-together after the game was also provided.In groups we could prove our skills on different courses with easy to difficult obstacles. It was a nice afternoon with a lot of fun.Many thanks to our works council for the good organization!

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LISSMAC stands for innovation, experience and quality. We optimize our customers’ work with innovative solutions on a daily basis. It is our aim to always be a step ahead. And we break the mold daily to do just that. We initiate modern construction and industrial technology with our practice related new developments and have actively promoted automation. Our experience and system competence are what makes our solutions stand out.